Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer's half over

Yes, it is about midway through summer. Maybe not technically, but about halfway through the "no school" time. Crocodile Dock was fun and challenging. I am thankful for leaders who stepped it up a level when we had more children than was expected and made adjustments as needed. I am thankful for each child that came, their innocence and their willingness to trust. The kids learned about the power of God that leads us to trust. Fear not!

Many of those children are now participating in Fun in the Son on Wednesdays. Again the attendance is higher than last year. I share this with you because each number represents another child/family that is being touched by FBC, relationships are being built, connections are being made, God's love is being shared, seeds of faith are being sown, and leaders are growing.

The planning team for Fun in the Son 2009 included Lynne Baker, Ryan Manning, Pat Monroe, Diane Pfost, Becky Rickerd, & Deb Wilson. We determined to be intentional about involving our young people in leadership this summer. For each week a team of adults & youth plan together and then the responsibility to lead each activity is assigned. At Fun in the Son, youth are giving the instructions and then leading the activities whenever possible. Even though you have done relays all your life it is not easy to get a group of 20-30 energetic, excited, curious children to listen for instructions.

It has been a summer of fun and growth. We are so blessed at FBC to have the prayer support of our church family and the resources to minister to the children in our community in a fun and purposeful way.

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